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About Full Hand
Welcome to our basic guild page (work in progress) open to recruitment March 1st 2012.

In Guild Wars 2 a team has 5 members, like fingers of a hand. As a guild we all join hands to make us stronger - then raise a mighty fist to punch above our weight.

It's never too early to make new friends. It's never too late to join us.

We have structures that cater to the many types of players from casual to hardcore, from solo or 5 man teams to epic warbands. The Full Hand is a place to make friends and play the game your way while being part of something bigger. There's a place for everyone with respect and rewards for hard working officers, PvP leaders and our diligent crafters.

We will roll on on a UK/Euro server, but are open to all players that want to be part of something bigger. I hope to attract a good active officer core initially, followed by more members in game.

Full Hand is run by a couple of long time gamers, so you'll have two leaders. One of us is nice and fuzzy (her), the other authoritarian and mean (him). With a tiny dash of role play and a large helping o' laughs, this Full Hand will lead you to riches, glory and friendship - if it doesn't slap you round the head first.

Boonari / Aug 11, 2012
Due to new and intense work commitments starting next month I am not going to be able to play much GW2. Sob!!!!

I think it fair to warn you that although I will play and help run things, it will be down to officers and members to do the day-to-day running of the guild. You may like to leave and find a new guild with a more active leader, and that is probably a good idea, so I'm letting you know about this as early as I can.

For those who choose stay, the website and everything else will stay up, so don't panic. I will also pass admin rights out and officer rankings as usual.

Sorry for the short notice and thank you to everyone so far. Hopefully I will see you around as players anyway on Desolation server.

I shake the hand of everyone who reads this and wish you the best.

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