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#6077498 May 05, 2012 at 05:13 PM
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Location: UK
Age: 40
PvE and PvP preferences: At the moment would say PvE. Would definatly love to get involved in organised WvW, where we can cause havoc in an organised group.
MMO Experience: Everything from Korean MMO's Legend of Mir/Myth of Soma, to old school Ultima Online, the on to DAoC, EQ2, Horizons, SWG, WoW, SWTOR.

What interests you in GW2: crafting, WvW, the new questing system, crafting, the Asura, crafting, rangers,engineers & necromancers, oh and did I mention crafting.
What can you bring to the guild: I am usually the quiet guy who most can rely upon for help, advice,the odd
piece of sarcasm. I usually go out ofmy way to help others, that is why I take for ever to level any toon up.
Do you use voice comms: Got TS2, TS3, Vent, Mumble, Raidcall & Dolby Axon installed.
#6078262 May 05, 2012 at 08:39 PM
Guild Leader
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Ha haaa I beat Scomb to be the first to reply to an application - ta daaa.

Hi Nivinri - Glad to see you are following the naming convention. Of course 'Nivinari' sounds even better :P

When I read your application I thought "doh, he's typed crafting twice" so you got me there!

I think you are our first applicant with a keen eye on crafting so that is excellent. May I therefore welcome you with open arms to the Full Hand.

I am hoping crafting in GW2 will be very worth while for the individual and the guild (*crosses fingers*). It takes some organising to get right sometimes, but can make a massive difference on the battlefield when we're all properly equipped. Crafting can sometimes be a hard job, so I have an eye on special rewards for crafters and crafting officers.

Anyway, make yourself at home, go shake some hands!
#6089585 May 08, 2012 at 03:05 AM
Fist of Fingers
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Baah, I was having a busy weekend. :P

Just wanted to drop in and welcome you to the guild. There will be lots of opportunities to wreak havoc upon anyone who tries to oppose us in WvW, I guarantee it! :D I also like crafting quite a lot, heard that cooking is going to be rather challenging, will be interesting to see.
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