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[Pinned] Application Template

When applying, start your own thread and please mention the following:Location:Age:PvE and PvP preferences:MMO Experience:What interests you in GW2:What can you bring to the guild:Do you use voice comms:Good luck!
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Bump these recruitment threads please

Hi allCan you have a go at bumping these recruitment threads feel free to make your own threads around the place in order to lure new people into ou...
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Boonari81973Small Scomb 5y

Application Ruina

Hello Everyone, here is my application to your guild.Name : Jean-Fran├žois (or Jeff)Location: Switzerland (French speaking part)Age:Do I really have to go through the ordeal ? :) 38 in junePlaying hours : While there was no requirements I wanted to...
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Application - Nivinri

Location: UKAge: 40PvE and PvP preferences: At the moment would say PvE. Would definatly love to get involved in organised WvW, where we can cause havoc in an organised group. MMO Experience: Everything from Korean MMO's Legend of Mir/Myth of Soma...
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Application GW2

Location: SwedenAge: 29 soon to be 30-- argh midlife crisis =)PvE and PvP preferences: I'm leaning towards mostly PvE, go out and explore stuff and what not. Thought I like almost every aspect of this game so I'm sure im going to do lots of PvP as...
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Application - Fargone

OhaiLocation: FinlandAge: 22PvE and PvP preferences: WvW no doubt. I'd like it if we based in Augury Rock or Desolation, seen as those two dominated the first BWE when I looked. There might be better worlds too tho.MMO Experience: 12 years. Variou...
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Fargone51254Small Boonari 5y

Application Exist

Location: SwedenAge: 22PvE and PvP preferences: In most mmo's I've played in the past my focus has been on PvE mostly. I guess something like 70% PvE and 30% PvP but I intend to try and make it more like 50/50 in GW 2. MMO Experience: The main mmo...
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Exist7577Small Exist 5y


Location: NetherlandsAge: 46PvE and PvP preferences: BothMMO Experience: Ultima Online (back in the '90s), Lineage II, the original Guildwars, and currently playing Lord of the Rings Online. Tried a ton of beta weekends here and there, but none of...
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Application - Scombi

Greetings! I stumbled upon your thread over at, and after reading all the information about the Full Hand, I wanted to take part in the guild.My name is Chris, I'm 23, and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I study economics and compu...
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Location: London/CoventryAge:21PvE and PvP preferences: Both though I will probably whore WvW as it looks amazingMMO Experience: I played WoW for about 4-5 years since vanilla and have raided with some of the top ranked guilds in europe. I played ...
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Sonofbugzy2272Small Boonari 6y

Application Corex

Location: SwedenAge: 33PvE and PvP preferences: BothMMO Experience: Mainly DAoC (ToA), WoW, Allods, Warhammer Online, Guild Wars, Tabula Rasa (yes i really loved that one so shoot me :P), LoTRO, EVE Online, Aion and probably some more i forgot to ...
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Corex Cain3351Small Corex Cain 6y

App Forrest

Location:Portsmouth/EnglandAge:33PvE and PvP preferences:I like to play bothMMO Experience: My mmo interest started with EQ, I played that game a lot back in the day. I then played wow for awhile when it first came out and done some raiding in mol...
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