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Boonari / Aug 11, 2012
Due to new and intense work commitments starting next month I am not going to be able to play much GW2. Sob!!!!

I think it fair to warn you that although I will play and help run things, it will be down to officers and members to do the day-to-day running of the guild. You may like to leave and find a new guild with a more active leader, and that is probably a good idea, so I'm letting you know about this as early as I can.

For those who choose stay, the website and everything else will stay up, so don't panic. I will also pass admin rights out and officer rankings as usual.

Sorry for the short notice and thank you to everyone so far. Hopefully I will see you around as players anyway on Desolation server.

I shake the hand of everyone who reads this and wish you the best.